Monday, March 17, 2014


We all have times where we feel moody, sad, lonely, etc..and that's okay. We are human so feelings like that are normal. (Just pointing out that I am in no way an expert on feelings or emotions or your mental well being, these are just opinions coming from my point of view) But sometimes, I let these feelings consume me, making me miserable and negative. To be completely honest, it never does me any good. This year, I am proud of myself for realizing this and becoming a better person with a more positive outlook on life. For once I can say that I have actually been working on on of my new years resolutions. It has honestly made me a thousand times happier. Just remember that stressing over the little things does not let you achieve anything, so you might as well seize the moment and make the best out of every hour, minute, and second of your life! I believe this is something everyone goes through and must learn to overcome! We are in control of how we feel, so we shouldn't let our feelings negatively affect us! I chose this quote from pinterest today as a reminder to me, and anyone out there that it's up to us to be happy. Just remember to be so happy that everyone around you can't help to be happy too! Happy Monday! :)

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